Hard Work Leads to Success

Hard Work Leads to Success

Ben Brooks had an ideal childhood. He had a loving mother and father, as well as two younger siblings. Yet despite his ideal upbringing, Ben became involved with drugs, as well as alcohol and soon found himself bouncing in and out of prison.

Finally, tired of his life of addiction, Ben made the decision in early 2016 to get sober. He detoxed at the Center for Health Care Services’ Restoration Center and shortly after, entered Haven for Hope. While at Haven for Hope, Ben went through The Center for Health Care Services’ on-campus substance abuse treatment program.

While in the program, Ben’s past caught up with him. A warrant had been issued for his arrest for a suspected liquor store robbery. In the past, Ben may have considered running to evade the charges, but with his new found sobriety, Ben knew his best option was turning himself in. He was facing 25 years on 2 felony counts. Ben was in jail for seven months, until he was ultimately released. Once out of jail, Ben immediately came back to Haven for Hope and resumed his treatment.

After 120 days, Ben successfully completed his substance abuse treatment program. He soon moved to Next Right Steps(NRS) which provides sober living dorms on the Haven for Hope campus. While living at NRS, Ben has been able to stay sober, purchase a car, and redevelop a relationship with his family. He now has his own apartment and currently is working two jobs, including serving as a Program Manager for NRS. Ben is also attending school at San Antonio Community College where he is studying to become a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. Ben hopes to help others struggling with addiction like he was. We are excited to see what the future holds for Ben and congratulate him on his many successes!