Where Homelessness Ends and Healing begins



Haven for Hope Grand Opening Celebration


The establishment of the Haven for Hope campus was a direct response to an unmet and serious community need.  In 2006, business and civic leader Bill Greehey recognized the serious growing problem of homelessness in Bexar County. With the support of City leaders, Mr. Greehey then began the effort to create Haven for Hope as an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. The Haven for Hope “one-stop” design was born after 18 months of research of over 200 homeless shelters across the country.

Prior to Haven for Hope, many organizations in San Antonio served the homeless in some capacity; however, their services were geographically distant and administratively disconnected from one another. This separation of services impacted people experiencing homelessness in many ways. Lack of reliable transportation limited their physical access to services that were located across the city, and tedious paperwork processes were often duplicated between agencies that needed to collect the same information. By bringing service providers together–through location and collaboration–Haven for Hope improved the accessibility and efficiency of resources, and removed the red tape that previously hindered the ability of people experiencing homelessness to get help.  

The campus became fully operational in June 2010. Mr. Greehey is still an active participant in Haven for Hope and serves as Chairman Emeritus of the Board of Directors. We are forever indebted to Mr. Greehey for his drive and vision.