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The San Antonio/Bexar County community utilizes the HMIS database to track services provided to individuals who are experiencing homelessness. This data is used to inform stakeholders and HUD on community trends.

2024 HMIS Data Standards Updates!
HMIS is now compliant with the 2024 HMIS Data Standards! You can find out about all of the changes made October 1st by going to our Resources page and viewing the Data Standards Manual.
Changes in HMIS Training
Elements of Focus HMIS Training is now known as Principles of HMIS! This training has been expanded and modified based on user feedback, and is beneficial to all users who create client enrollments in HMIS.

Dates for October 2023:

Thursday, October 12, 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Thursday, October 26, 1:00 pm- 3:30 pm
Auto Exit Email Notification
HMIS Projects which utilize the auto exit functionality now have the option to turn on email notification. If this option is enabled, the person who created the enrollment will receive an email prior to the enrollment being auto exited. Projects are able to determine the number of days before the enrollment is closed that the email will be sent.

If you would like to enable this feature for your project, please submit a Project Modification form with the name of the project and the number of days before exit that you would like the email to be sent.
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