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Training Types

New or Returning Users Training Process

New Users are individuals who will be granted HMIS access for the first time. Returning Users are individuals who previously had HMIS access. This training process must be completed in order to be granted HMIS access.

Step 1

Request Training

An authorized contact submits the HMIS Training Request for the New or Returning User.

See link above.

Step 2

Online Training & Quizzes

The New or Returning User will receive our Welcome to the HMIS Community email, which contains the links to complete the online training listed below. Each user must view the videos in their entirety and score 80% or above on each quiz. We actively monitor the timing and score of each submitted training and quiz.

  • HMIS Security Awareness Quiz & Authorization
  • HMIS Fundamentals Training and Quiz

Step 3

Login to HMIS

Once the New or Returning User has successfully completed the trainings and quizzes, the HMIS Training Coordinator will:

  • Create the HMIS Account
  • Send the HMIS Login Information email to the New or Returning User, which contains the login credentials, and instructions for the user to login, change their password, and complete the required HMIS Security Awareness Agreement

Step 4

HMIS Access Granted

Once the New or Returning User has completed the items in Step 3, the HMIS Training Coordinator will send the Training Completion email, which indicates the completion of the training process and the user has access to the HMIS.

Step 5

Principles of HMIS Training

If the New or Returning User will be responsible for any of the following:

  • Enrolling clients into projects
  • Exiting clients from projects
  • Completing bed reservations
  • Any tasks not covered in Fundamentals Training
The individual must attend our live, online Principles of HMIS Training. This training will be scheduled prior to the New or Returning User receiving their HMIS Login Information email.