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Where Homelessness Ends and Healing begins

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Haven’s Impact Report for FY 2023

Haven for Hope Releases its FY 2023 Impact Report

In FY 2023, Haven for Hope served 9,457 clients, the highest number since Haven opened in 2010. Of the 9,457 clients, 1,085 were children, and 722 were families.

“At Haven, we’ve seen an increase in families experiencing homelessness,” said Kim Jefferies, president and CEO of Haven for Hope. “Our Family Emergency Services numbers doubled from the previous year.”

Haven’s Family Emergency Services (FES) is designed for overflow families. Haven operates a Family Residental Center (FRC) with 102 rooms. Clients must be residents of Bexar County, with proof of residency of at least nine months during their lifetime. They also need a US government or state-issued ID.

FES provides access to shelter and resources for families in need. If a family is not from Bexar County, they are provided with a 15-day compassion placement, and Haven’s team will work with the clients on other options, including family reunification, financial assistance to return to their hometown, or connecting them with other shelter options.

Young adults, 18-24 years of age, is another segment of the populations with an increase in individuals experiencing homelessness. Many of these clients have aged out of the foster care system and have nowhere to go. Haven designed a Young Adult Program in FY 2023, which provides designated sleeping areas and specialized case management.

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