Where Homelessness Ends and Healing begins

Single Mom of Four Never Gives Up


Single Mom of Four Never Gives Up

Nadia was living with her four children in her Mom’s one-bedroom house. She had lost her job during the pandemic. She was a caregiver and her client died from Covid. Things went downhill from there and soon Nadia lost her car.

After living with her Mom for a while, she knew she had to do something for her family. “My Mom wasn’t used to having kids in the house again. It was very crowded. I didn’t want to burden her.”

Nadia and her children stayed at Haven for a year. They were in line to rent a home and her kids were very excited. They even went to the house to rake leaves before moving in. Nadia said they bagged 9 bags of leaves. “The kids loved that house.” Unfortunately, the landlord received an offer to sell the home. “It was an offer he couldn’t refuse. We were very disappointed, but we didn’t give up hope.”

Nadia had always worked hard to provide for her children as a single mom. “This has been a learning experience for my children, homelessness can happen to anyone.”

As Nadia reflects on her time at Haven, she’s grateful. Grateful for the staff, the programs, and the classes. She attended Income and Skills Development classes and worked on her resume so she can find another more financially stable job. Her kids participated in some of the teen nights and movie nights at Haven. Nadia was grateful her children had the opportunity to continue attending their charter school. As for her dream job, Nadia says she wants to give back. “I want to help people; this can happen to anyone. It’s been a humbling experience.”

To watch Nadia’s interview with Haven staff, click here.