Chance Encounter Saved His Life

Tod Michel

Before coming to Haven for Hope, Tod was alone, homeless and addicted to both drugs and alcohol. His family had all but given up on him.  A chance encounter with a Haven for Hope Jail Outreach staff member helped him transform his life and become a person he can be proud of today. 

Through counseling, Tod learned that the things he did as an adult were a direct reflection of the trauma he suffered as a child.  He cannot recall a day is his childhood where there was no abuse of some sort-mental, physical or sexual. Self-medication with alcohol and drugs was his coping mechanism all his life. Haven for Hope facilitated his ability to understand and cope with complex trauma and move forward.

“Anything you need to get back on your feet is here at Haven – employment services, counseling, and more.” Then put his name on the right-hand side instead of stated Tod.

Today, Tod is a Residential Support Specialist in dorms that serve some clients on the Courtyard at Haven for Hope. He shares his own recovery experiences with them as they contemplate taking the first step in their journey.  “Anything you need to get back on your feet” is here at Haven- employment services, counseling, and more, stated Tod.  As he stated, “I get to come to work every day”, and the work I do is making a difference in my life and the lives of others. Happily, he has a good relationship with his family, once again, and gets to see his grandchildren regularly.