Tanavita – Overcoming substance use and mental health barriers

Tanavita came to Haven for Hope for one purpose – to get help with her mental health. Tanavita grew up in a loving family. She was raised in California and “never wanted for anything.” She recalls family trips to Disneyland and the beach.

Tanavita is like many of Haven’s clients. She suffers from depression and a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. When possible, she took the proper medications, but when things would get rough, she self-medicated with drugs and alcohol. She moved around a lot and eventually moved to East Texas when her sister asked her to come and live with her. While at her sister’s, Tanavita got a job but was very lonely. Her depression worsened.

Her Mom and daughter had moved to San Antonio. Tanavita knew she wanted to help care for her Mom, but she needed to get her life back on track. Tanavita turned to Google and found Haven for Hope. Haven is the second shelter she has been to. She came with the goal to get the proper medication for her mental health conditions and learn to become a part of society again.

“I am a willing participant. I follow all the guidelines,” she said. “I have utilized the Clinical Services, Income and Skills Development resources and landed a job within 22 days.” Staff at Haven have suggested that Tanavita become a peer support counselor.

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Thankful for Sobriety

Thirty-one years of drinking and drugging led Sheron Bounds to over a year of incarceration. It was while she was in jail, she first heard about the Bexar County Adult Drug Court (BCADC). The BCADC strives to reduce arrest and incarceration rates of alcohol and drug offenders in the criminal justice system.  The Adult Drug Court holds defendants accountable and assists them in achieving long-term recovery.

As part of her probation, Sheron entered the BCADC. Faced with being homeless after her release, Sheron entered Haven for Hope over two years ago. While at Haven and continuing the Adult Drug Court, Sheron was able to address some of her underlying mental health issues. She was able to access other needed resources such as employment and counseling services. Now 21
months sober, Sheron recently graduated from Adult Drug Court. She is working towards obtaining housing and someday hopes to pay it forward by counseling others with addiction issues. We are thankful for Sheron’s success!