Thankful for Sobriety

Thirty-one years of drinking and drugging led Sheron Bounds to over a year of incarceration. It was while she was in jail, she first heard about the Bexar County Adult Drug Court (BCADC). The BCADC strives to reduce arrest and incarceration rates of alcohol and drug offenders in the criminal justice system.  The Adult Drug Court holds defendants accountable and assists them in achieving long-term recovery.

As part of her probation, Sheron entered the BCADC. Faced with being homeless after her release, Sheron entered Haven for Hope over two years ago. While at Haven and continuing the Adult Drug Court, Sheron was able to address some of her underlying mental health issues. She was able to access other needed resources such as employment and counseling services. Now 21
months sober, Sheron recently graduated from Adult Drug Court. She is working towards obtaining housing and someday hopes to pay it forward by counseling others with addiction issues. We are thankful for Sheron’s success!

A Journey to Mental Wellness

A Journey to Mental Wellness

Windy’s journey of homelessness began in 2012. Exasperated from years of Windy’s inability to address her mental health and after several domestic disputes, Windy’s husband John dropped her off at Haven for Hope.

It was not until Windy came to Haven, did she realize or recognize, the role trauma had played in her life. For the first time, Windy received in-depth psychological treatment and medication. While at Haven, Windy was able to obtain various benefits such as Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and food stamps.
Shortly after her mental health stabilized and improved, Windy was able to obtain housing which allowed her to live independently in the community. Today, she is living with John and her children. She is continuing with her mental health treatment, as well as her medication and credits hard work and Haven for her success. Windy, we wish you continued success!