NEC Corporation of America and Haven for Hope Announce Partnership

NEC Corporation of America is Partnering with Haven for Hope to Co-create Technology-Enabled Solutions That Enhance Safety, Streamline Operations and Empower Clients

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – March 30, 2022 – Haven for Hope, a nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing the root causes of homelessness in Bexar County, and NEC Corporation of America (NEC), announced their partnership on March 29. NEC and Haven for Hope are co-creating a model to transform the delivery of services to clients by utilizing NEC’s best-in-class technology. 

According to the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty, there are more than 550,000 people who are experiencing homelessness on a given night in America. The causes of homelessness are complex and solutions should meet the needs of individuals instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. That is why NEC chose to partner with Haven for Hope in this endeavor.

“For more than a decade Haven for Hope has been successfully transforming and saving the lives of individuals and families facing homelessness. In that time, Haven has become the national model in the fight against homelessness. We are very excited about this extraordinary new partnership opportunity with NEC to bring their advanced technology to our campus, which we are confident can now take Haven for Hope to the next level by enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations,” said Bill Greehey, Chairman and Founder of Haven for Hope.

Haven for Hope is more than just a shelter, it’s a 22-acre transformational campus that provides life-saving programs and services to more than 1,300 men, women and families every day. NEC will utilize its resources and world-class technology to support Haven for Hope’s mission by enhancing safety and security, streamlining operations, and empowering clients in the community and beyond. 

“NEC is dedicated to creating social value that addresses society’s most complex problems through technology and innovation,” said Mark Ikeno, President and CEO of NEC Corporation of America. “It is our shared goal that this partnership will not only support radical transformation in San Antonio but be a model for other programs across the nation.”  

Together, NEC and Haven for Hope have identified several technology-enabled concepts that create new value for efficiently providing quality services:  

  • Digital identification solutions that will enhance the client experience and streamline the delivery of services at Haven for Hope and in the community. 
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) enabled video analytics for real-time identification and response to safety incidents.
  • Automated mass emergency notification systems to enable multi-channel broadcast during critical events. 
  • Data analytics, business intelligence, and automated inventory processes to improve operational efficiencies. 

“Haven for Hope is honored to be selected by NEC to co-create innovative solutions that will not only enhance the client experience here at Haven for Hope but develop a model of technological innovations that can minimize barriers for those experiencing homelessness,” said Kim Jefferies, President and CEO of Haven for Hope. “It’s exciting to have the full resources of a global company at our fingertips to brainstorm solutions to improve the lives of our clients.”


About NEC Corporation of America

NEC Corporation of America (NEC) is a leading technology integrator providing solutions that improve the way people work and communicate. NEC delivers integrated Solutions for Society that are aligned with our customers’ priorities to create new value for people, businesses, and society, with a special focus on safety, security and efficiency. We deliver one of the industry’s strongest and most innovative portfolios of communications, analytics, security, biometrics and technology solutions that unleash customers’ productivity potential. Through these solutions, NEC combines its best-in-class solutions and technology and leverages a robust partner ecosystem to solve today’s most complex business problems. NEC Corporation of America is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation, a global technology leader with a presence in 140 countries and $29.5 billion in revenues. For more information, please visit 

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About Haven for Hope

Haven for Hope is an independent, nonprofit organization with the mission to offer a place of hope and new beginnings for people experiencing homelessness in the San Antonio community. Haven for Hope coordinates and delivers an unparalleled system of care in conjunction with over 180 partners, approximately 60 of whom provide services directly on its 22-acre campus. Since opening in April 2010, Haven for Hope has served over 40,000 unduplicated clients and placed over 7,000 clients into permanent housing, with 92% of clients successfully maintaining their housing for one year. For more information on Haven for Hope, visit 

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Secure Future

Jerry Bauer

“This wasn’t supposed to happen to me!” said Jerry Bauer.  Raised in a military household, he understood hard work and rules. He attended college in Ohio, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree.  For 28 years, Jerry ran a lucrative auto detailing company in Miami, Florida. He was successful and had the financial means to run with the “fast” crowd, which led to a life of addiction. After Hurricane Andrew hit Florida, Jerry moved to Texas to be closer to family and started over.

He was evicted from his apartment in San Antonio due to drug possession. Jerry was one of the first clients to enter Haven for Hope and was given a bed in the men’s dormitory. He worked with a case manager and was back on his own in a short time. However, Jerry did not fully appreciate his addiction and found himself evicted from another apartment,  and back at Haven for Hope for the second time.

This time at Haven for Hope, a 12-step program helped him address his addiction.  Jerry worked hard to save money and vowed that he would not return to Haven for Hope as a client ever again. Today, Jerry works as a security supervisor at the San Antonio Library.  Since the library closed, due to the COVID-19 crisis, he needed to find a temporary job.  He is now working security at the hotel secured to house some 300 Haven for Hope clients.  Jerry readily shares his story and lessons learned with clients at the hotel, along with words of encouragement.